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V-Tag Glycopeptide Labeling Kit

The LudgerTag V-tag labeling kit is designed for the fluorophore labeling of enzymatically digested peptides and glycopeptides followed by enrichment of the labeled glycopeptides.

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Part Number: LT-VTAG-24


Application: For the fluorophore labeling and enrichment of glycopeptides.

Description: This kit contains the reagents needed for the conjugation of V-tag dye to the amine moieties of glycopeptides, and the specialised solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges required for the purification and enrichment of the labeled glycopeptides.

Dye Properties:
Mass = 434.42 (resulting in a glycopeptide mass increase of 319.33 Da.)
FluorescenceL ex = 250 nm, em = 360 nm.

Number of Samples: 24 separate analytical samples per kit.

Amount of Sample: From approximately 1 µg to 50 µg of glycoprotein per sample.

Suitable Samples: IgG single subclass glycoproteins. Other glycoproteins can be used, but note that if there are multiple glycosylation sites, the glycopeptides may need to be separated by C18 HPLC before HILIC analysis. It is recommended that samples do not have amine containing solvents (e.g. Tris type buffers) or reduction/alkylation agents as they will interfere with the V-tag labeling. Removal of the amine containing solvents and reduction/alkylation agents can be accomplished using devices which are designed for desalting and buffer exchange, as well as removal of low-molecular weight compounds

Labeling Selectivity: One V-tag label for every IgG glycopeptide N-terminus.

Storage: Store the V-tag dye at -20˚C in the dark. Protect from sources of heat, light and moisture. Once used, extra dye solution can be frozen and re-used.

Shipping: The product can be shipped at ambient temperature.

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