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LudgerSep R BPT Solvent

Use the LS-R-BPTX10 solvent for HPLC analysis with our monosaccharide analysis UHPLC column,the LudgerSep UR2 UHPLC column LS-UR2-2.1×50.

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Part Number: LS-R-BPTX10


50 mL of x10 LS-BPT solvent in a rectangular HDPE bottle with a leak-proof cap.

Dilute with de-gassed HPLC grade water use 1 bottle of LS-R-BPTX10 solvent to 450 mL of water. The 50 mL of x10 solvent will make 500 mL of BPT solvent. 500 mL of solvent should be sufficient for approximately 130 monosaccharide chromatography runs on a LudgerSepUR2 column.

Store unopened bottle at 4˚ C. As with any HPLC solvent we recommend preparation of the solvent immediately before use. Take care that the diluted solvent is not exposed to excessive heat or sunlight as it contains volatile components. Stability times of the prepared solvent will vary according to your laboratory conditions. Longterm storage of the prepared solvent, ie longer than 4 days, may result in evaporation of some of the volatile components in the solvent leading to a change in monosaccharide retention times.

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