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Procainamide Labeling Kit

Procainamide labelling permits glycan identification by either mass spectrometry or UHPLC. Because of its improved ionisation efficiency compared to 2AB labelling, it can permit identification of minor glycans (1% relative peak area) by ESI-MS. This LudgerTag kit, along with a post-labelling clean up plate for the samples (catalog# LC-PROC-96), has been validated in house at Ludger. Typical CVs for triplicate analyses were 5%

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Part Number: LT-KPROC-VP24


Application: For labeling of free glycans with procainamide.

Description: The kit contains reagents for the conjugation of dye to the free reducing end of the glycan by a reductive amination reaction.

Number of Samples: 12 separate analytical samples per set of labeling reagents (24 samples in total for the kit)

Amount of Sample: From 25 pmol up to 25 nmol glycans per sample.

Suitable Samples: Any purified glycans with free reducing termini can be labeled.

Structural Integrity: No detectable (< 2 mole per cent) loss of sialic acid, fucose, sulfate, or phosphate.

Labeling Selectivity Essentially stoichiometric labeling.

Storage: Store at room temperature in the dark. Protect from sources of heat, light, and moisture. The reagents are stable for at least two years as supplied.

Shipping: The product can be shipped at ambient temperature.

Part number: LT-KPROC-VP24

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