Velocity Plug Pack

The Velocity Plug Pack is used to seal empty wells prior to the application of vacuum when using the Velocity Vacuum System for high-throughput glycan analysis.

12 strips of 8 plugs

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Part Number: LP-PLUG-96


Product Description

The Velocity Plug Pack is a component of the Ludger-Velocity Vacuum System, a 96 well platform designed for use with LudgerClean cartridges and plates for glycan analysis. The system can be used with individual clean-up cartridges (such as LudgerClean T1 cartridges for purification of glycans after fluorophore labeling) or 96 well clean-up plates (for example the LudgerClean EC50 plates to purify glycans from proteins, salts, and detergents).

Velocity Vacuum System

Velocity Accessories
Collection Plate (pack of 5 x 96 well plates) LP-COLLPLATE-2ML-96
Collection Plate Lid (pack of 5) LP-COLLPLATE-LID-96
Cartridge Holder LP-HOLDER-96
Plugs (pack of 12 strips of 8 plugs) LP-PLUG-96

Number Of Samples 1 to 96 samples.
Sample Amount 350 μL per well
Handling Ensure that any glass, plasticware and solvents used are free of glycosidases and environmental carbohydrates. Use powder-free gloves for all sample handling procedures and avoid contamination with environmental carbohydrates.
Storage All components should be stored at room temperature.
Safety All processes involving hazardous reagents should be performed using appropriate personal safety protection – eyeglasses, chemically resistant gloves (e.g. nitrile), etc. – and where appropriate in a laboratory fume cupboard.
Shipping All components are shipped at ambient temperature.