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PBM Glycosidase Removal

The LudgerClean PBM Post-Glycosidase Clean-Up plate was developed for the capture of endo- and exoglycosidases after deglycosylation to prevent contamination of HPLC columns during subsequent chromatographic analysis. The plate can also be used to remove glycosidases or other proteins before mass spectrometry analysis of glycans.

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Part Number: LC-PBM-96


Description The LC-PBM-96 plate is a 96 well membrane-bottom plate containing a specialized protein binding membrane with a nominal pore size of 0.45 µm. This product is designed for use with both the vacuum manifold that can be purchased from Ludger or with other popular vacuum manifold systems. Glycans pass through the membrane whilst proteins are bound to the membrane allowing separation of these two components.

Number of Samples Sufficient for up to 96 samples.

Amount of Sample Up to 350 µL per well

Suitable Samples Unlabelled glycans from glycoproteins, fluorophore labelled glycans e.g. 2-AB or 2-AA

from glycoproteins, released and acidified N-glycans from glycoproteins

Storage Store at room temperature. Protect from sources of heat, light, and moisture. When

stored correctly, the reagents should be stable for 36 months from date of purchase.

Shipping The product should be shipped at ambient temperature.

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