NGA2F Glycan/G0F

The G0F glycan is an asialo-agalacto-fucosylated biantennary oligosaccharide

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Also available labeled: 2AA 2AB APTS

1463 daltons

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CN-NGA2F-10U – 10 µgs
CN-NGA2F-20U – 20 µgs

Product Description

GlyTouCan Glycan Registry

Accession #: G80858MF


The G0F glycan is on of the four most common glycans found on monoclonal antibodies, along with the two G1F isomers, and G2F. A mixture of these glycans have been combined in our MAb4 Antibody Reference Panel.

These glycans are known to affect stability and solubility of antibodies within the body, as well as affecting ADCC and CDC activity. Due to the biological functions of these glycans found on monoclonal antibodies, the micro-heterogeneity of these oligosaccharides must be characterized during drug development and lot-to-lot variability in approved biological drug products.

HPLC Analysis of Glycans

LudgerPure unlabeled glycans and LudgerTag labeled glycans may be separated and analysed by a variety of HPLC (high pressure liquid chromatography) methods using LudgerSep HPLC columns.

Separation of charged and neutral glycans via anion exchange columns:
LS-C3-7.5×75     LudgerSep C3 – 7.5x75mm
LS-C2-4.6×50     LudgerSep C2 – 4.6x50mm
LS-C-BUFFX4      LudgerSep C Buffer

Profile analysis of neutral and charged glycans via normal phase columns:
LS-N2-2.0×250   LudgerSep N2 – 2.00x250mm
LS-N2-4.6×250   LudgerSep N2 – 4.6x250mm
LS-N1-4.6×250   LudgerSep N1 – 4.6x250mm
LS-NBUFFX40     LudgerSep N Buffer

The LudgerSep N2 columns are an especially powerful tool for the purification and analysis of LudgerTag labeled oligosaccharides from complex glycan mixtures. Please contact us for advise regarding your particular application. 

Mass Spectrometry and Electrophoresis

LudgerPure and LudgerTag labeled glycans may also be analysed by mass spectrometry, electrophoresis, and various types of spectroscopy. Please call us for advice on the dyes and analysis conditions most suitable for your intended analyses.