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N2 2.0mm Column

This is the 2.0mm version of the newly delevoped N2 columns, developed for the faster analysis of N- & O-linked glycans.

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Dimensions: 2.0 x 150 mm

Part Number: LS-N2-2.0×150


A newly delevoped column for profiling of 2-AB and 2-AA labeled glycans as part of lot release QC for therapeutic glycoproteins.

The column contains particles coated in a robust amide polymer. These bind to glycans under conditions of high organic solvent. Glycans are separated and eluted from the column using solvent gradients with decreasing organic solvent content.

  • Derivitization: Amide
  • Particle size: 3 µm with 80 angstrom pores and polymeric amide coating
  • Column dimensions: 2.0mm x 150mm
  • Typical flow rate: 0.15 – 0.22 ml / min
  • Pressure limit: 2900 psi
  • Column tube: Stainless steel, Valco compatible end fittings
  • pH compatibility: pH 2 to pH 7.5
  • 3dstats analytics