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N1 4.6mm Column

This normal phase amide-80 column resolves glycans based on hydrophilicity, which is determined primarily by size, as well as arm specificity and linkage.

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Dimensions: 4.6 x 250 mm

Part Number: LS-N1-4.6×250


Widely used for profiling of 2-AB and 2-AA labeled glycans as part of lot release QC for therapeutic glycoproteins.

The column contains particles coated in a robust amide polymer. These bind to glycans under conditions of high organic solvent. Glycans are separated and eluted from the column using solvent gradients with decreasing organic solvent content.

N1 4.6x250mm HPLC profile of 2-AB labeled fetuin glycans released by PNGase F

  • Derivitization: Amide
  • Base Matrix: 5 µm silica
  • Column dimensions: 4.6mm x 250mm
  • Typical flow rate: 0.3 – 1.0 ml / min
  • Pressure limit: 2250 psi
  • Column tube: Stainless steel, Valco compatible end fittings
  • pH compatibility: pH 2 to pH 7.5
  • 3dstats analytics