Ludger Alpha-(1-3,4) Fucosidase Kit

Alpha-(1-3,4) Fucosidase cleaves terminal α1-3 and α1-4 fucosyl linkages without the need to remove sialic acid moieties.

recombinant from Ruminococcus gnavus

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Part Number
LZ-FUCOSIDASE-01-KIT       50 µLs


Product Description

alpha-L-fucoside fucohydrolase, alpha-L-fucosidase, alpha-(1-3,4) fucosidase

Alpha (1-3,4) Fucosidase The enzyme is very efficient and recognises α1-3,4 fucosylated glycans (e.g. Lewis X/A epitopes, including their sialylated counterparts) and hydrolyses terminal α1-3 and α1-4 fucosyl linkages in these substrates without the need to remove sialic acid moieties.

For removing core fucose linked α-(1-6) to the core GlcNAc of a GlcNAc-GlcNAc disaccharide structure we recommend our Alpha-(1-6) Fucosidase (E-F006).

• Non-sialidase dependant hydrolysis of antennary fucose moieties
• Effective on both glycopeptides and free glycans
• Highly specific (α1-3,4 fucosylated glycans)
• Kit includes enzyme plus reaction buffer.
• Sufficient for up to 50 samples

α(1-3,4) Fucosidase is useful for:
nbsp;nbsp;Fucose linkage determination
nbsp;nbsp;Deglycosylating glycoproteins with Lewis structures

Source recombinant from Ruminococcus gnavus

Alpha-(1-3,4)-Fucosidase – 200 mM citrate buffer pH 6 containing 250 mM NaCl
5x Reaction Buffer – 250 mM sodium phosphate pH 6