Glycan Sequencing Kit

Our Glycan Sequencing Kit includes the enzymes, and buffers required to sequence ten N-linked oligosaccharides

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Part Number: KE-SQ01


Product Description

Our Glycan Sequencing Kit includes the enzymes and buffer required to sequence ten N-linked oligosaccharides.

Neuraminidase from Arthrobacter ureafaciens – 80 µl (E-S001)
Beta-Galactosidase from Streptococcus pneumoniae – 60 µl (E-BG07)
N-Acetylglucosaminidase from Streptococcus pneumoniae) – 40 µl (E-GL01)
Alpha-Mannosidase from Jack Bean – 20 µl (E-AM01)
Core Alpha-Mannosidase from X. manihotis) – 10 µl (E-AM02)
5X Reaction buffer – 400 µl

Many methods of analysis are available, including HPLC, gel electrophoresis, HPAEC, capillary electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry. For more information on these methods, please contact us.

Storage Store kit at 4°C. Do not freeze.

The Glycan Sequencing Kit is stable at least 12 months when stored properly. Several days exposure to ambient temperatures will not reduce activity.

Purity All QA-Bio Enzymes are tested for contaminating protease by incubating 10 μg of denatured BSA with 2 μl of enzyme at 37°C for 24 hours. SDS-PAGE analysis of the treated BSA shows no evidence of degradation.

The production host strains for our recombinant enzymes have been extensively tested and do not produce any detectable glycosidases. Enzymes purified from native sources are tested for contaminating exoglycosidases The absence of exoglycosidase contaminants is confirmed by extended incubations with the corresponding pNP-glycosides.

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