S Cartridges

One of the most reliable methods for achieving post-labeling cleanup is use of S-cartridges.

They are routinely used in the biopharma industry during glycoprofiling QC for lot release of FDA and EMA approved biopharmaceuticals.

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contains 6 cartridges

Part Number: LC-S-A6


Product Description

Ludger S Cartridges are used for the purification of glycans after fluorescent labeling, including LudgerTag 2-AB (2-aminobenzamide) and 2-AA (2-aminobenzoic acid) labeling kits.

The procedure is very straightforward. The sample is loaded onto the cartridge’s adsorption disc that has been primed with acetonitrile. The glycans adsorb onto the disc matrix while excess dye is removed by washing with an acetonitrile/water mix. The glycans are then desorbed by simply washing with water.

For high- throughput fluorescent labeling cleanup we recommend Ludger T1 cartridges (LC-T1-A6)

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Application For purification of glycans from a variety of complex mixtures including post-labeling cleanup of LudgerTagTM fluorophore labeled glycans.

Description The cartridges contain a glycan binding membrane. This binds to glycans in solutions containing high levels of certain organic solvents (e.g. acetonitrile). Most hydrophobic non-glycan contaminants (e.g. aromatic dyes and detergents) either simply pass through the cartridges or bind very lightly and can be washed off the membrane. The glycans are eluted from the membrane with water.

Number of Samples LudgerClean S cartridges are designed for single use only.

Binding Capacity Each cartridge can bind up to 20 μg of glycan in a volume no greater than 15 μL.

Suitable Samples A wide range of glycans can be purified. These include N-linked and O-linked type oligosaccharides, tri-saccharides and larger structures. Substitute 96% acetonitrile with 100% acetonitrile for O-glycan clean-up methods.

Storage Store at room temperature in the dark. Protect from sources of heat, light, and moisture. The cartridges are stable for at least two years as supplied.

Shipping The product can be shipped at ambient temperature.

Handling Ensure that any glass, plasticware or solvents used are free of glycosidases and environmental carbohydrates. Use powder-free gloves for all sample handling procedures and avoid contamination with environmental carbohydrate.

Safety Please read the Material Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s) for all chemicals used.

All processes involving hazardous reagents should be performed using appropriate personal safety protection – eyeglasses, chemically resistant gloves (e.g. nitrile), etc. – and where appropriate in a laboratory fume hood.