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S Cartridges

One of the most reliable methods for achieving post-labeling cleanup is use of S-cartridges. They are routinely used in the biopharma industry during glycoprofiling QC for lot release of FDA and EMA approved biopharmaceuticals.

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contains 6 cartridges

Part Number: LC-S-A6


LudgerClean S cartridges are used for the purification of glycans after fluorescent labeling, including LudgerTag 2-AB (2-aminobenzamide) and 2-AA (2-aminobenzoic acid) labeling kits.

The procedure is very straightforward. The sample is loaded onto the cartridge’s adsorption disc that has been primed with acetonitrile. The glycans adsorb onto the disc matrix while excess dye is removed by washing with an acetonitrile/water mix. The glycans are then desorbed by simply washing with water.

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