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BioQuant Glycopeptide Standard

The glycopeptide is comprised of an A2G2S2 glycan attached to the asparagine amino acid of a peptide with the sequence Lysine-Valine-Alanine-Asparagine-Lysine-Threonine (KVANKT).

Purity: >90% as determined by UHPLC
Monoisotopic mass: 2865.1763 [M+H]+
Amount: 10 micrograms

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Part number: BQ-GPEP-A2G2S2-10U


Quantitative sialic acid or monosaccharide analysis is an important step for developers and manufacturers of biologic drugs. Regulators are putting increasing pressure on companies to perform accurate glycoprofiling on their biopharmaceuticals. These analyses fall within ICH guidelines Q6B and Q5E for comparability studies during product development and after major manufacturing changes. Furthermore, the recent EMA monograph on monoclonal antibodies and forthcoming USP chapters <1084> and <1094> on glycosylation analysis reinforce the need to perform glycoprofiling throughout the drug life cycle.

Ludger Ltd. ( has produced a purified glycopeptide standard which can be used as an internal standard and positive control when performing sialic acid or monosaccharide analyses in house. This Ludger BioQuant™ Standard (Cat# BQ-GPEP-A2G2S2-10U) is a disialylated complex biantennary N-linked glycan containing 2 galactose residues.

Purity of >90% has been assessed by HPLC, correct mass identity assessed by MALDI mass spectrometry. The exact amount of material/concentration is determined by quantitative NMR (qNMR) and quantitative monosaccharide analysis (MA). Quantity values by qNMR and MA agree within 90-110%. MA is traceable to internationally accepted references from USP and dispensed using NIST traceable labware. qNMR is traceable to a NIST SRM traceable CRM analysed to the ISO 17025 standard. A detailed certificate of analysis is given for each standard. This contains comprehensive documentation, lot-specific values, expiration date and storage information.

Confidence in your glycan release, labeling and recovery techniques
Use the BioQuant GPEP-A2G2S2 standard during the sialic acid or monosaccharide release and labeling process. This will enable you check the efficiency of glycan release, labeling and recovery.

Confidence in your sialic acid or monosaccharide measurements
The BioQuant GPEP-A2G2S2 standard gives you confidence in the accuracy of your results.

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