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Alpha-(1-6)-Core Mannosidase

recombinant E. Coli

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Part Number: E-AM02


Part number E-AM02
Source recombinant E. Coli

Alpha-(1-6) Core Mannosidase cleaves unbranched, terminal non-reducing mannose linked alpha-(1-6) to the mannosyl chitobiose core.

The presence of a branched mannose alpha-(1-3) will inhibit the removal of the 1-6 mannose.

This enzyme should be added subsequent to digestion by other mannosidases, as it may inhibit the other enzyme if a non-cleavable alpha-(1-6) mannose is present.

60 µl aliquot of enzyme (60 mU) in 50 mM sodium phosphate, 0.1 mM ZnCl (pH 7.5).
200 µl 5x Reaction Buffer 5.0 (250 mM sodium phosphate, pH 5.0).

Specific Activity >1.5 U/mg
Activity 1 U/ml

Molecular weight ~52,000 daltons

Suggested usage add 1 µL of enzyme to 1 nmol of oligosaccharide. Add buffer and incubate 10 minutes at 37˚C.

Specific Activity One unit of Alpha-(1-6)-Mannosidase is defined as the amount of enzyme required to produce 2 µmoles of mannose in 1 minute at 37˚C, pH 5.0 from Alpha-(1-6) mannobiose.

Storage Store enzyme at 4˚C.

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