Capture and Cleanup

QA-Bio offers a number of products for glycan capture and cleanup after enzyme digestions and molecular labeling. Cartridges and plates bind glycans but allow contaminants to be washed through.

Glycan Purification
EC50 Cartridges – remove proteins, salts, and detergents at a lower cost than our EB10 cartridges
EB10 Cartridges – remove proteins, salts, and detergents
PBM Glycosidase Plate – capture of endo- and exoglycosidases
CEX Cartridges – purification of O-glycans from salts, proteins, and detergents.
Pre-Permethylation Plate – used to enrich N-glycans prior to permethylation

Glycan Cleanup After Labeling Reactions
S Cartridges – one of the most reliable methods for achieving post-labeling cleanup
T1 Cartridges – faster purification of glycans after labeling with the 2-AB and 2-AA
Procainamide Cleanup Plates – for the removal of excess procainamide after labeling

Velocity Manifold System
The Velocity System is a 96 well microplate vacuum manifold system which enables analysts to process up to 96 samples simultaneously. The system can be used with individual clean up cartridges or 96 well plate cleanup devices.


The LudgerClean EC50 cartridges have been developed as a lower cost replacement for the EB10 cartridges while having equivalent efficiencies and reproducibility.

Applications include cleanup of glycans following hydrazinolysis, endoglycosidase digests (including PNGase F digests), enzyme treatment, and before and after fluorescent labeling.

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contains 24 cartridges

Part Number: LC-EC50-24