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The LudgerClean EC50 cartridges have been developed as a lower cost replacement for the EB10 cartridges while having equivalent efficiencies and reproducibility.

Applications include cleanup of glycans following hydrazinolysis, endoglycosidase digests (including PNGase F digests), enzyme treatment, and before and after fluorescent labeling.

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contains 24 cartridges

Part Number: LC-EC50-24


This kit is used for the permethylation of glycans. Permethylation stabilizes sialic acids for MALDI mass spectrometry analysis, and aids linkage analysis studies (MALDI-MS, ESI-MS).

– Improves and enhances ionization efficiency of glycans on mass spec
– Increased glycan hydrophobicity enables LC-MS analysis
– Relative and absolute quantitation can be performed
– Stabilizes the sialic acid moieties
– Easier determination of branching and glycosidic linkage positions
– Enables detection of both neutral and acidic glycans in positive ion mode

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Part Number        Reductant
LT-PERMET-VP24   2-Picoline Borane


The BioQuant quantitative Man8 glycan is a purified and quantified glycan standard which can be used as an internal standard and positive control for quantitative analysis (e.g. monosaccharide analysis).

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Glycan Purity determined as > 90% by UHPLC

Monoisotopic mass: 1721.6 [M+H]+

Part number: BQ-CN-MAN8-10U