Columns and Buffers

QA-Bio supplies a full line of LudgerSep HPLC columns and buffers developed specifically for glycan analysis.

We are proud to have been a supplier of Ludger products since 2002. Ludger manufactures some of the most respected products in the industry and are recognized as experts in glycan analysis.

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Normal phase

Resolves glycans based on hydrophilicity, which is determined primarily by size, as well as arm specificity and linkage. Used for glycoprofiling of LudgerTag 2-AA and 2-AB labeled glycans showing the relative amount and size of all glycans released from the glycoprotein.

Anion exchange

LudgerSep columns and buffer for charge profile analysis of 2-AA and 2-AB labeled glycans. The number of sialic acids per glycan is the primary factor in the analysis.

Reverse Phase

Ludger columns and buffers for the analysis of DMB labeled sialic acids and 2-AA labeled monosaccharides, with separation based on hydrophobicity.