quantitative monosaccharide standard

A quantitative mix of six monosaccharides:
glucosamine – galactosamine – galactose – mannose – glucose/dextrose – fucose

10 nmols of each monosaccharide per vial

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10 nmol each of 6 monosaccharide standards

CM-MONOMIX-10 – 1 vial
CM-MONOMIX-10X3 – 3 vials


The Sialic Acid Reference panel is a mixture of different sialic acids forms (as detailed on chromatogram below) sourced from bovine submaxillary mucin.

It includes the following sialic acids: Neu5Ac; Neu5Gc; Neu5,7Ac2; Neu5,Gc9Ac; Neu5,9Ac2; Neu5,7,(8),9Ac3Gc.

Amount: approx. 1.25 nmols

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Part Number: CM-SRP-01