Our glycan and glycoprotein standards have been used in FDA and EMEA approved assays since 2002, by pharmaceutical and biotech companies around the world. They are qualified by MS, HPLC, and NMR analysis to meet our rigorous standards of quality and contain no salts or other additives that may interfere with advanced analytical techniques such as mass spectrometry which require the highest levels of purity.

We have a complete line of glycan products for analytical markers including both N-linked and O-linked glycans, IgG and fetuin glycoproteins, IgG and fetuin libraries. They are commonly used in biopharmaceutical labs as markers and reference compounds in HPLC, HILIC, MS, HPAEC, and MALDI-TOF analytical techniques.

IgG Glycoprotein Standard

The IgG glycoprotein standard for use during glycan release and labeling.

This product is purified from human blood. Human IgG glycoprotein standard contains a mixture of gamma-type antibodies.

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Part Number    Amount
GCP-IGG-50U     50 µg
GCP-IGG-100U   100 µg


Fetuin Glycoprotein Standard

The Fetuin Glycoprotein Standard was developed for use as a positive control during glycan release and labeling (particularly for DMB sialic acid analysis). Fetuin exists in a variety of glycoforms containing bi-, tri-, and tetraantennary N-linked oligosaccharides with variable sialylation, as well as O-linked glycans.

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Part Number      Amount supplied
GCP-FET-05          500 µg
GCP-FET-250U      250 µg
GCP-FET-50Ux4      50 µg per vial - 4 vials