Glycoproteins and Glycopeptides

FA2 Glycopeptide standard

A mixtures of two glycopeptides with either F(6)A2 glycan or a F(3)A2 glycan attached to the asparagine amino acid of a peptide with the sequence Lysine-Valine-Alanine-Asparagine-Lysine-Threonine (KVANKT).

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m/z: 2104.9411
Amount: ~6 micrograms

Part number: GPEP-FA2-01

The IgG glycoprotein standard for use during glycan release and labeling.

This product is purified from human blood. Human IgG glycoprotein standard contains a mixture of gamma-type antibodies.

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Part Number    Amount
GCP-IGG-50U     50 µg
GCP-IGG-100U   100 µg

The Fetuin Glycoprotein Standard was developed for use as a positive control during glycan release and labeling (particularly for DMB sialic acid analysis). Fetuin exists in a variety of glycoforms containing bi-, tri-, and tetraantennary N-linked oligosaccharides with variable sialylation, as well as O-linked glycans.

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Part Number      Amount supplied
GCP-FET-05          500 µg
GCP-FET-250U     250 µg
GCP-FET-50Ux4   50 µg per vial – 4 vials