A2 Glycans

Our A2 glycans have been used in FDA and EMEA approved assays since 2002 by pharmaceutical and biotech companies around the world. They are qualified by MS, HPLC, and NMR analysis to meet our rigorous standards of quality and contain no salts or other additives that may interfere with advanced analytical techniques such as mass spectrometry which require the highest levels of purity.

A2 – Disialo- galactosylated biantennary oligosaccharide
A1 – Monosialyated biantennary oligosaccharide
NA2/G2 – Asialo, galactosylated, biantennary oligosaccharide
A2G1/G1 – Asialo- monogalactosylated bi-antennary oligosaccharide
NGA2/G0 – Asialo-, agalacto- biantennary oligosaccharide
M3N2 – Conserved trimannosyl core, chitobiose, M3, Man-3
A2[3]G1 – Asymmetric N-glycan standard; precursor to A2[3]G1F1(a1-3)
A2[3]G1F1(α-1-3) – asymmetric Lewis X containing N-glycan standard
A2G2F2 – Lewis X Containing N-Glycan

A2 Glycan image

Disialo- galactosylated biantennary oligosaccharide

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Also available labeled: 2AA 2AB APTS

2224 daltons
m/z: 2222.7830

Part Numbers:
CN-A2-10U – 10 µgs
CN-A2-20U – 20 µgs