Glycan Libraries

Our glycan libraries have been used in FDA and EMEA approved assays since 2002 by pharmaceutical and biotech companies around the world. They are qualified by MS, HPLC, and NMR analysis to meet our rigorous standards of quality and contain no salts or other additives that may interfere with advanced analytical techniques such as mass spectrometry which require the highest levels of purity.

Oligomannose Reference Panel – Includes Man-5, Man-6, Man-7, Man-8, and Man-9.
MAb4 Antibody Reference Panel – G2F(NA2F), G0F(NGA2F), and both G1F isomers
IgG Glycan Library – Released from human IgG
Fetuin N-linked Library – Includes bi-, tri-, and tetraantennary oligosaccharides
Fetuin O-linked Library – O-linked glycans released from bovine fetuin
Glucose Homopolymer – Wheat starch ladder used as a standard for sizing of glycans

Hi-Man Mannose Reference Panel image

The ManMix oligomannose reference panel is a mixture of high mannose N-linked glycans including Man-5, Man-6, Man-7, Man-8, and Man-9.

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A mixture of fucosylated, bi-antennary glycan standards with variable sialylation released from human IgG antibody glycoprotein.

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CLIBN-IGG-01     Unlabeled
CAB-IGG-01          2-AB IgG
CPROC-IGG-02   Procainamide
CPM-IGG-01         Permethylated
CPM-C13-IGG-01 Permethylated-C13

HPLC Calibration Standard

Glucose homopolymer ladder derived from digested wheat starch used as a standard for sizing of glycans.

Part Number       Amount                Label
SA-GHP-20          20 µgs                   unlabeled
CAB-GHP-30       100 picomoles     2-AB
CAA-GHP-30       100 picomoles     2-AA
CPROC-GHP-30  100 picomoles     Procainamide