Glycan Purification

Glycan purification is an essential technology for glycoprofiling. Salts, detergents, proteins, and other contaminants can interfere with fluorescent labeling of released glycans. Exo- and endoglycosidases can contaminate HPLC columns and interfere with mass spectrometry methods for the analysis of glycans.

A number of technologies have been developed for the purification of glycans from proteins, salts, and detergents by our partners at Ludger Ltd:

LudgerClean EB10 cartridges have been designed for purification of glycans from proteins, salts, and detergents. The cartridges contain a unique graphitised carbon material which acts like a super-hydrophobic resin that binds even very hydrophilic glycans.

The LudgerClean PBM Post-Glycosidase Clean-Up plate has been developed for removal of glycosidases prior to MS analysis in a 96-well format.

LudgerClean CEX cartridges purify O-glycans from non-carbohydrate material including salts, proteins, and detergents. The cartridge contains a cation exchange resin.

LudgerClean Pre-permethylation Plates are used for the removal of excess salts, detergent, proteins and other impurities after the release of N-glycans from glycoproteins. This clean-up plate is used to enrich N-glycans prior to performing permethylation of released glycans.


The LudgerClean EC50 cartridges have been developed as a lower cost replacement for the EB10 cartridges while having equivalent efficiencies and reproducibility.

Applications include cleanup of glycans following hydrazinolysis, endoglycosidase digests (including PNGase F digests), enzyme treatment, and before and after fluorescent labeling.

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contains 24 cartridges

Part Number: LC-EC50-24