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Deglycosylation Kits

QA-Bio provides easy to use deglycosylation kits for removing N-linked and O-linked glycans from glycoproteins in both native & denatured conditions.

PNGase F is commonly used to deglycosylate glycoproteins containing only N-linked glycans, working in both denatured and native conditions. For native samples that are slowly cleaved by PNGase F or those that precipitate after PNGase F digestion, our Endo F Multi-Kit is recommended. Both methods leave the glycans intact and available for further analysis.

If the glycan type is unknown, or if it consists of both N-linked & O-linked glycans, the use of our Enzymatic CarboRelease Kit or our Enzymatic DeGlycoMx Kit is recommended. These deglycosylation kits include a number of enzymes which will remove and digest the glycans into monosaccharides. In the DeglycoMx Kit, the enzymes are packaged as a premixed cocktail of enzymes in one 20 microlitre vial. For the CarboRelease Kit, the enzymes are supplied separately in individual vials of 20 microlitres, allowing greater flexibility in assay design.

For release and recovery of O-linked Glycans, we recommend our Ludger Orela kit.

Enzymatic CarboRelease Kit

Kit includes the enzymes and buffers required to remove all N-linked oligosaccharides and many O-linked sugars from 2 mg of glycoprotein, via twenty 100 microgram samples.

The enzymes are packaged separately in individual 20 microlitre vials. This gives researchers the flexibility to characterize the glycans attached to their glycoprotein more fully than with our mixture of enzymes, KE-DGMX.

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Specsheet MSDS

Part Number: KE-DG01

Enzymatic DeGlycoMx Kit

This kit includes our DeGlycoMx, a premixed cocktail of the enzymes required to remove all N-linked oligosaccharides and most O-linked sugars from 0.5 mg of glycoprotein, via 10 reactions of up to 50 micrograms of protein per reaction.

The kit is easy-to-use and effective: add 2 µl of the DeGlycoMx enzyme to your denatured sample and the included buffer and incubate for 3 hours at 37˚C.

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Specsheet MSDS

Part Number: KE-DGMX

Endo F Multi-kit image

Endo F Multi-Kit

The Endo F Multi-Kit will deglycosylate N-linked glycans in both native and denatured conditions. Each enzyme has a distinct specificity for N-linked glycan release. One can choose to use the three enzymes in combination to completely remove all N-linked glycans present on a glycoprotein or peptide, or to use each enzyme independently and thereby determine the type of N-glycans present.

View product documentation:
Specsheet MSDS

Part Number: KE-EFX3

ORELA releion

Orela O-linked Glycan Release Kit

The Ludger Liberate™ Orela Kit has been developed for the release of O-linked glycans from glycoproteins. Released glycans have free reducing terminii to allow fluorescent tagging by reductive amination.

View product documentation as PDF

Part Number: LL-ORELA-A2


Hydrazinolysis Kit

The kit contains reagents for the release of N and O-linked glycans from glycoproteins

View product documentation as PDF

Part Number: LL-HYDRAZ-A2

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