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Monosaccharide Analysis

Monosaccharide analysis is a requirement from ICH Q6B guidelines for lot release characterization of glycoproteins being developed as biopharmaceuticals. This assay provides evidence of the presence or absence of N and O-linked glycans, as well as the relative amounts of each monosaccharide present. When compared to prior lots, this data can provide insight into process variations and provide prof of consistency during the manufacturing process.

The method is reliable and easy to use:

  • Release of monosaccharides from the glycoprotein by mild acid hydrolysis
  • Fluorescent labeling of released monosaccharides with 2-AA
  • Relative quantitative analysis of 2AA-labelled monosaccharides by HPLC or UHPLC
Monosaccharide Analysis Kit Image

Monosaccharide Analysis Kit

The LudgerTag Monosaccharide Analysis Kit contains reagents for the release and fluorescent labeling of monosaccharides found on glycoprotein biopharmaceuticals and standards.

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Part Number: LT-MONO-96


LudgerSep uR2 2.1x50mm UHPLC Column

Developed for the analysis of monosaccharides labeled with 2-AA using the LudgerTag Monosaccharide Labeling Kit. The LudgerSep uR2 UHPLC column contains particles with an endcapped octadecylsilane coating optimized for hydrophobic chromatography.

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Dimensions: 2.1mm x 50mm

Part Number: LS-UR2-2.1x50


Ludger Sep R2 4.6x150mm HPLC Column

This reverse phase column resolves glycans based on hydrophobicity.

-Analysis of DMB labeled sialic acids
-Analysis of 2-AA labeled monosaccharides

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Dimensions: 4.6 x 150mm

Part Number: LS-R2-4.6x150


LudgerSep R BPT Solvent

Use the LS-R-BPTX10 solvent for HPLC analysis with our monosaccharide analysis UHPLC column,the LudgerSep UR2 UHPLC column LS-UR2-2.1x50.View product documentation as PDFView Certificate of Analysis as PDFPart Number: LS-R-BPTX10

Monomix Quantitative Standards

A quantitative mix of six monosaccharides:
glucosamine - galactosamine - galactose - mannose - glucose/dextrose - fucose

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Part Number: CM-MONOMIX-10

BioQuant Glycopeptide Standard

BioQuant Glycopeptide Standard

The glycopeptide is comprised of an A2G2S2 glycan attached to the asparagine amino acid of a peptide with the sequence Lysine-Valine-Alanine-Asparagine-Lysine-Threonine (KVANKT).

Purity: >90% as determined by UHPLC
Monoisotopic mass: 2865.1763 [M+H]+
Amount: 10 micrograms

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Part number: BQ-GPEP-A2G2S2-10U

Fetuin 4 x 50µg

Fetuin glycoproteins are purified from fetal calf serum. Fetuin exists in a variety of glycoforms containing bi-, tri-, and tetraantennary N-linked oligosaccharides with variable sialylation, as well as O-linked glycans.

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4 vials of 50 µg each

Part Number: GCP-FET-50U-X4


Xylose standardHigh levels of salts may inhibit monosaccharide labeling. Xylose can be used as a internal control to assist in determining whether high salt labeling inhibition is occurring.100 nanomolesPart Number: CM-XYL-100
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